Trainers That Make The Difference

 “Training the Nation’s Professionals with the Nation’s Experts”


Equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to education, our facilitators are available to lend their expertise and vast experience to you and your team!


As industry professionals, each offers an extensive background and knowledge to the market area they facilitate in. Their range of experience stems from hands on day-to-day working knowledge within Corporate Canada and provides the perspective necessary to encourage, challenge and motivate growth at all business levels.


To ensure the superior quality and presentation of our materials, our facilitators are constantly evaluated by an education committee and are selected based on only the highest of qualification, experience and skill sets.




Our facilitators provide a learning experience that is second to none. Each facilitator is carefully selected for the workshops they facilitate and are evaluated regularly.


Kelly Coray

With her multi-faceted expertise Kelly began Public Speaking, working with some of Canada’s greatest charitable and non-profit organizations.  She had the pleasure of being apart of the beginning stages of the Calgary Dream Centre where she connected the corporate world to the disenfranchised through fundraising events and donations. 

Kelly’s background includes over twenty years in the corporate sector where she excelled in management, sales and customer service. She then started her own business, and grew it to 50+ employees in just under three years. Her varied experience in both corporate and business allows her to connect with diverse groups and audiences.

Clients describe her as a dynamic, high-energy presenter.  Kelly develops a warm, laughter-filled relationship with her audience that leaves participants both engaged and inspired.  Kelly was a very successful facilitator with The Banff Academy for Business.

Her positive message covers self-empowerment, confidence building and personal growth, all delivered with a great deal of humor.  She draws on her own life experiences to underline her message and has a unique ability to inspire and connect with her audience.

Georgia Martin

Georgia’s career as a sales and customer service relations professional spans over 35 years in the highly competitive interior design industry. Through her experience Georgia has become extremely proficient in dealing with different personalities, tastes and budgets of clients with a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds.

Georgia has been a top facilitator for The Banff Academy for Business. In addition to facilitating for Rocky Mountain Training Solutions, she also owns and manages her own interior design company. Prior to this Georgia was the Senior Designer and Sales Manager for a prestigious custom furniture store. In this role, Georgia was not only responsible for the hiring and training of the sales staff and interior designers, she also maintained her own strong client base.

Her natural ability to motivate both employees and customers allows Georgia to bring an enthusiastic and unique quality to her workshops.

Ian Stokes

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Ian’s passion on this subject has led him to become a student of leadership, reading extensively and studying the lives of both effective and ineffective leaders.

Ian spent ten years in the non-profit and faith-based sectors traveling and working extensively in cross-cultural environments. Training, leading and coaching work teams in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe, Ian gave project management oversight to humanitarian, development and business initiatives. He led teams comprised of multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and multi-faceted members.

He currently works in financial services as an advisor to over 200 private clients. Ian understands the importance of fostering and maintaining effective client relationships while seeking to provide exceptional customer service in a fiercely competitive and demanding industry.

Ian was a very popular facilitator with The Banff Academy for Business and during his workshops he believes in facilitating, not lecturing. Utilizing humor, multi media, role playing and lots of interaction, he sees his role as helping participants take another step to effective leadership.  Ian’s goal is to help motivate people who will willingly lead and be led in all aspects of their lives.

Pauline A. Sauve 

Pauline is a graduate of the University of Ottawa in Business Administration. She also holds a certificate from the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution in Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Facilitation. Pauline is bilingual with over 20 years experience in facilitation, training and consulting.

She has held consulting, management, sales and marketing positions in private and public organizations including the Federal Government.

Pauline has designed workshops such as: conflict resolution, negotiation, presentation and facilitation skills, train the trainer, ISO9000, just to name a few. Pauline also provides one-on-one coaching sessions for supervisors and executives. She has had years of experience helping organizations develop or improve teamwork and implementation of ISO 9000 quality management systems.

As a facilitator for The Banff Academy for Business she was a very large contributor to the success of that organization. Pauline works very successfully with small and large organizations in both the private and public sectors.

Pauline was a member of the board of directors representing Business on the Ontario Training and Adjustment Board from 1993 – 1996. She was President of the RGA in 1993/94 and a member of an economic development committee for a local municipality.

Pauline’s dynamism, her concern about human beings, her discretion and inclination for excellence is easily noticeable in all her activities.

Wendy Clark

Wendy Clark is passionate and enthusiastic. She is an accomplished seminar leader and management consultant. Wendy began her professional career as a Registered Nurse, later changing direction, moving to an international airline where she undertook various management roles, leaving at a senior management level. She designs and facilitates workshops in leadership development, conflict resolution, interview techniques and customer service.

Her expertise is in the field of Human resources, leadership development, conflict resolution and workplace health and safety. While in these areas Wendy has maintained excellent working relationships with various bargaining groups. Her straight forward approach helps put others at ease.

Wendy’s extensive experience and personable style has assisted hundreds of participants in workshops across Canada in their professional growth.

Wendy was one of the Senior Facilitators at The Banff Academy for Business and contributed to the material used in several of their most popular workshops.


Bill Martin

Bill is a certified Xerox Learning Systems Trainer with over 35 years of management and sales training experience with numerous organizations in Canada and The United States. He is a proven producer in the corporate sector, selling both tangible and intangibles. His entrepreneurial skills have allowed him to very successfully manage his own sales organization since 1986. Bill has also held a senior management position with a large financial organization for 13 years. As a regional manager he was responsible for 144 sales representatives, 12 branch offices with a territory that covered Thunder Bay Ontario to Victoria British Columbia. Bill also chaired a committee  which wrote and produced all the policy and procedural manuals for branch operations. He was responsible for training of branch personnel, also the planning, coordinating and execution of annual company wide sales meetings.

Bill was a Senior Facilitator with The Banff Academy for Business and as such, recruited, trained and supervised the team of facilitators. Bill also developed many of the most successful workshops offered by The Banff Academy for Business. 

Bill has a natural talent as a teacher with a comfortable but effective style. He has a passion to see people make positive, lasting improvements to their professional performance and will work diligently to that end with the people he comes into contact with.

Gilles Frechette

An experienced business owner himself, Gilles works with entrepreneurs, executives and supervisors who wish to improve management and market development skills. He is a graduate of the Friesen, Kaye and Associates “Train The Trainer” program. Gilles has also been trained as a business coach by Corporate Coach University International of Colorado.  He is the founding President of the Montreal Coach Federation

As a business owner and manager for more than 30 years, Gilles has presented training workshops in all parts of Canada, The United States, Australia and several countries in Western Europe. Passionate about all aspects of business management and market development, he has founded several companies, hired and trained management, sales, marketing and customer service teams.  Gilles was a Senior Facilitator with The Banff Academy for Business and is completely fluent in both English and French.  Today Gilles is a professional trainer, business coach and gifted public speaker. As an experienced trainer, he is fully committed to having each participant get maximum benefit from the training programs that he facilitates.