Rocky Mountain Training Solutions is pleased to offer a variety of workshops providing the highest quality for professional development. Our workshops offer innovative approaches to benefit not only the individual participant, but also to enhance standards in the organizations from which they come.  Click on the .pdf files for an in-depth introduction to our workshops.


Cold Calling Techniques (ColdCalling.pdf 41Kb)

Closing Techniques (ClosingTechniques.pdf 49Kb)

Selling Skills Beyond the Basics (SellingSkillsBTB.pdf 50Kb)

Effective Selling Skills For Women (ESSforWomen.pdf 43Kb)

Exceptional Customer Service (ExceptionalCS.pdf 41Kb)

Dealing With The Irate Customer (IrateCustomer.pdf 41Kb)

Leadership Development (LeadershipDevelopment.pdf 41Kb)

Negotiating For Success

How To Be An Outstanding Receptionist (OutstandingReceptionist.pdf 41Kb)

How to Be An Outstanding Administrative Assistant (OutstandingAA.pdf 41Kb)

Advancing The Administrative Professional

How To Fire – How To Hire (HireAndFire.pdf 51Kb)

Resolving Conflict In The Workplace (ResolvingConflict.pdf 52Kb)

Progressive Leaders (ProgressiveLeaders.pdf 40Kb)

Leading The Way To Successful Management (SuccessfulManagement.pdf 43Kb)




All our workshops are offered in both Canada’s official languages by bilingual facilitators. Bilingual workshops are also available in any Canadian location.  Our French Canadian workshops have been developed and based on real life techniques and are constantly evaluated and updated to guarantee the most current techniques are the ones being taught.



Convenience, Quality and Professionalism


Rocky Mountain Training Solutions can conduct On Site Training for relatively small groups to 50 or more.  Our on site workshops include facilitation by a Professional Facilitator who’s background includes extensive experience within your training need. It also includes the workshop materials, certificates and our facilitators expenses such as meals, hotel room, auto rental  and travel to and from the nearest International airport. In most cases we will also supply any basic audio or video equipment that is required. The meeting facility, refreshments, meals etc. are typically arranged for and supplied by your organization.

Smaller companies have frequently opted to cost – share the training expenses with strategic business partners or other departmental teams. We would be pleased to work with you and your business partner to establish a solid training experience that ensures a successful training session for all concerned.